Laptop Rubber-Necking

The sweltering summer heat here in the prabens is especially pit-sweating this year. I couldn’t go outside without my face practically melting off from the searing heat.

Incidentally, I’m driving myself absolutely bonkers thinking which brand of laptop I sould buy. You see, in order to score a decent writing gig, I must first buy a decent laptop which is a bit of a snag in my grand plan of awesome things because those pieces of fine machinery don’t come cheap.

At first I was partial to the Dell Inspiron series because I took to heart what an office friend of mine quipped “You either go Mac or Dell”. ย Since Mac laptops proved to be too expensive, I had to settle for the second best. However, after checking out a number of reviews, I learned that Dell laptops are more prone to freeze ups and a bunch of other anomalities than any other brand. One expert even warned neophyte techies to “stay the fuck away from Dell”. Of course, I was crest-fallen because I already had my heart set on a particular model from Dell.

The brands Lenovo, Asus, Toshiba and Vaio fared favorably among critics. The thing was, I had a not-so-great experience with the Asus brand. Toshiba and Vaio are way over my budget while Lenovo knows squat whenย  it comes to aesthetics.


I might settle for a mid-ranged Toshiba or a fully loaded Lenovo. I heard good things from the Lenovo brand, it garnered the rep as being one of the best laptop brand when it comes to performance though its design is nothing to be excited about.

Hopefully before April ends, I’ll have a perfectly running laptop sitting in my room.