Hick in The City

Two months after I quit work, I find, with great dismay, that the saga continues. One of the few things most people don’t know about me is that I have a book keeper. Yeah, just when you thought I couldn’t be any more boring than I already am, hehehhe. See, this person has been under my mom’s employ for years and years and it was only natural than I let her handle my affairs as well (not that there’s much of it).

Right after I left ol’ cubicle land, I asked my book keeper to track down and see if my old company has been paying my Social Security account. I’m not really a paranoid person but I must admit that I was worried that my ex-bosses were stiffing me considering the fact that they were not really known to keep their end of the bargain and they are such cheapskates. I just had to see if I’m getting what I have been paying for.

Well, if the people at the main office of SSS are to be believed, it seems that my company have not paid a single cent to the eight months that I worked for them. One would be piss-hissing mad however, these are the same folks who, not too long ago, made the error of stating that Iweb hasn’t paid my SSS account when in fact they did (I think). So I took that report with a grain of salt. The bad news is I was told by my book keeper that to get to the bottom of this, I had to come back to the office and retrieve the proof of payments so that she can have it encoded. Gah!

I honestly hate that place now. I hate the sight of it, I hate the smell of it and I hate the idea of breathing the same air with those suck-ups. But what I hate about that place the most is hearing another one of female ex-boss’ monotonous verbal diarreah. She ticks me off. Maybe it’s the monotonous way she delivers her piece that makes it seem like she’s about to slip into catatonia mid-sentence, the dead-eyed stare that cmes with it, her non-existent managing skills, or her total lack respect for other people’s time, I dunno. She just… ticks me off. Needless to say, confronting her about the company’s alleged negligence to pay its bills will be a daunting experience.

To make matters worse, my gut is unbelievably ginormous now! I swear, this thing qualifies for a zip code of its own! I end this entry by quoting Mojo Jojo:  “Cuuuuurrrrr-seeeeeeeeessss.”