Hick in The City (A Continuation)

I finally dragged my ass to the office and I’m happy to report that this time around, I didn’t have to wait for three fucking hours to get the documents I needed. I didn’t bother telling my officemates that I was about to drop by because I wanted to leave that place as immediate as I could manage. The place and some of the people in it just infuriates me. Sadly, the thing took longer than anticipated and soon enough, familiar faces came pouring in. Seeing them for the first time in two months only intensifiedthe feeling that I no longer belong to the city much like the feeling that I no longer belong to my old circle. It’s clear that this chapter of my life is over and I was somewhat disheartened to see everyone. I appreciate the heads up though:

Interestingly enough, they have a new business venture, making E-Books. From what I heard it’s a nice way to make some dough and the payout is pretty hefty however, I could not find the enthusiasm to be a part of it when a collegue of mine asked if I wanted to join in on the fray. As it turns out, they will also have a brief get-together shortly after. I decided not to go either since I have nothing to contribute.

Also, another officemate got the proverbial ax. That’s unfortunate considering that he just recently moved in to a new house and with no income on sight, it’ll be hard paying the bills. I feel for him because to a certain extent, he and I shares that same fate. Best of luck to him, then.

And finally, as expected, most of my officemates pointed out my growing gut. One even jokingly asked if I was pregnant.

Oh, those impertinent fuckwits.

That shining moment only cemented my burning resolve to quit fucking around and start exercising again. It’ll be hard but I think I can manage to once again fight my losing battle against the bulge.