Dramz and The City

I got a couple of calls from a couple of friends yesterday. One was an S.O.S from a distressed girlfriend and one was a hey-yo-what’s-up-with-you kind of call. The former was a bit worrisome because this friend of mine recently went through a rough break up from her asshole ex who, as I learned later, faked his way through the last two years of their relationship. The whole situation reminded me of the time when Sharon Stone, who was known thoughout Hollywood for having a great ass and an I.Q. to match, uttered the now immortal phrase,  “Women can fake orgasms while men can fake a whole relationship “

I had mixed feeling over her gripes because I was dismayed that she was still talking to that jerk after all the dramz! Of course, I can’t blame her because I know she’s in shock and that at the very least, she seeks closure. However, it would be smart to avoid talking to that jacktard for a while just so she can let herself move on, or at the very least, let off steam. Otherwise she might do something she’ll probably regret when she does things out of anger.

 I really felt bad that I couldn’t be there with her during this time that even though I abhor the idea of going back to the noisy metro, I told her I’d be back in the city after my birthday and that we can meet up for lunch and talk.

Speaking of which, it’s five days before I hit the relatively big 2-6 and I’d be lying if I say I’m not dreading that day. Being a person who’s prone on having Peter Pan complex, I’m pretty much floored with the realization that I’m suddenly growing old despite my efforts not to! Hahahaha! Last year I got inked on my birthday and  as a gift for myself this year, I plan to get cable, hahahaha! God, it’s pathetic, I know.

Also, I heard from the grapevine that one of the iWebdate people gave me “Tinadoodles” as a nickname. What, can’t think of an even cornier nick, ChoPaeng? Hahahaha! Jesus.

On the “lighter” side of the fence, things are great now that I started to religiously take Dulcolax. It seemed that the world just got a little bit softer, less abrasive… okay, you got me, I’m not talking about the world. I jest, I jest.