Life in Slo Mo

Like a pair of well-worn shoes, I’m comfortably settling in nicely with a much, much laidback lifestyle here in Paniqui. Some people might find the idea of waking up early and practically doing nothing in a sleepy small town boring but I’m loving it so far. I get to eat healthier food everyday, something I couldn’t do back in the metro because I can’t cook, I get to see my brother everyday (just saw him wearing his pre-school uniform for the first time this morning, ultra-kawaii! Sasa would’ve gone nuts!), enjoy my big baby pink room and watch cable TV everynight! It’s awesome!

My parents are so happy that I decided to have a mini-vacation. My dad, who was so proud that I can practically fend for myself, even told me that I should stop working for a while since I’ve been at it non-stop for years. I’m tempted to say that yes, maybe a few weeks of bumming it up might be great but I know that eventually, I have to go back.

I just feel bad for my sister though. Tomorrow is her birthday and I won’t be there to celebrate with her. I’m thinking of going back to the city with my brother in tow tomorrow and surprise her but… ugh, I’m so fricken lazy.

Ironically, the day I left the city, I got a couple of invites for a job interview. Literally, I was sitting in the bus, just counting the miles and suddenly, I got another interview. Talk about bad timing. I wanted to do all interviews before I leave however I wasn’t able to. Oh, well.

I still haven’t heard from my ex-boss and it bugs me. This is in connection with my resignation. She was supposed to call me so that she could “finalize” things and tie some loose ends but I’m getting the feeling that I really have to make kulit before they cough up my last payout. That’s okay, as long as they hand it over.

Also, it’s unfortunate but I think I didn’t bag the job for this particular gig that I so want in. (I’m only writing this because a couple of friends asked about it) You guys may remember a particular article I did about my botched-up interview . Yeah, that one. It’s been four days after that interview and they haven’t called so that naturally translates to me not being able to make it to the cut. Tsk. Darnit! This is what I got for being impertinent.

But if there’s one thing I learned in this biz, it’s that things should be taken in stride. So that’s exactly what I’m doing, hehehe! Strangely enough, I still have this persistent feeling that something good is bound to come along, I just need to be patient.

Other than that, life’s so good 😀