Officially Bumming Around

Just when you thought Saturday would never come, it did. It’s like, empires rose and fell and it’s still Thursday. As planned, my best buds and I are gonna hang out for a much delayed needed bonding session. I swear, I really, really need someone to talk to because the boredom I’m enduring waiting for this day to come all week is driving me insane! I came close on wishing I was emo so that I could cut myself just to kill time. Hahaha! Okay, so that wasn’t really funny.

Lame jokes aside, I’m in a very good mood. So good, in fact, that I sent word to the ex-boss this morning telling her that after much deliberation, I’m resigning. There’s just no point in waiting. So this meant, I moved on from being a pseudo-quasi bum down to officially screwed unemployed, harhar. Actually, a couple of friends are nakapalan sa aking fezlaloo. They pointed out that this is like, the worst time to be a bum because of the whole worldwide economic crisis eklavoo (as always) but you know whuuut, to hell with it. It’s just recession, not the end of the world, dah-lings! A bit of bad news though, my gal pal’s big sister just got laid off. Wow. It’s everywhere these days.

There’s one thing bugging me though, I seem to be gaining weight. Okay, so maybe I just wolfed down five strips of bacon, a cup of rice, two slices of bread, a ginormous kaymito and half a mangosteen this morning, but that’ normal right? So where the hell did this pot-belly came from?! Maybe it’s the hormones?

Lastly, isn’t it annoying when people you really don’t want to talk to, springs out of nowhere and starts talking to you? And they don’t get that you’re being cryptic for a reason (take a wild guess).

They say the wrong things, being all in-your-face, annoys you so bad. Don’t get me wrong these people did nothing wrong it’s just for some strange reason, they rub me in the wrong way. Meh.


Oh, on a totally unrelated note, I’ll be leaving the city on Sunday. Woohoo! Bye y’all!