The Weekend That Was

It’s officially the year of the Earth Ox as I’m writing this. Although I’m not much of a superstitious person, I got a slight feeling that I’ll have a lot more things going on this year. Of course, that feeling is fading little by by little because of the bad economy but it’s okay, I need a fucking vacation anyways.

The main reason why me and my sister just had to go home is that we brought him a massive remote-controlled car! We were more excited about it than he was but it was great!

See, I got there just in time for the Chinese Christmas, which we, as pure blooded Chinese, just had to celebrate. The celebration wasn’t as grand as the Christmas holidays but it was just as fun. My estranged cousin also came to visit bringing with him his pseudo-wife. I was also introduced to my one year old pamangkin named Moira. Cute name, huh? My mom and dad, being gracious hosts that they are (I’m being sarcastic), left me to entertain them all. Ugh. Honestly, I sort of had a bad history with this particular cousin of mine and wasn’t really looking forward on talking to them about the mundanity of the life I lead however, it was kind of interesting, catching up with them. Strangely enough, I didn’t have to put up a front or shit like that.

Another thing was I had another one of those profound conversation with a friend through text. It’s a rare thing for me as I rarely ever respond to a text message unless the person on the other end of the line is really important or wants to say something imoprtant. So there, we talked mostly about why we province-bred lasses loved to make it big in the metro, how painful it is to see our parents growing old, missing important moments because we were rarely home and as for me, retiring from work here at 35. It kinda put me in a very melancholic mood. The future is really scary… and murky.

So I’m trying to shake off the bad vibes now, hahaha! Ghad.