Spaceman by The Killers: I Don’t Geddit

I loved this band ever since a boy I used to know introduced me to one of their old hit, Read My Mind, which in my humble opinion, was one of the best song they every came up with.The lyrics were just as beautiful as the melody and it is still, my favorite The Killers song to date. Anyways, back to the other song. I just saw the MTV of their latest single, Spaceman and it didn’t make a whole lot of sense, much like their earlier hit song Human, but in a different light.

You see, for me, the song Human is catchy, cute and all that jazz but the message doesn’t really make sense. The song, in its entirety, felt like the boys were tossing random words to fit a certain melody. But that’s just me. The Spaceman song, on the other hand have quirky, extremely amusing lyrics and great melody but the video is just weird.

To be fair, Brandon never looked so hot. The whole goateed cowboy porn star look never really suited him. Also, I think he’s only one of the lucky few who can actually look good in a slut red velvet catsuit. However, watching the vid, I was kinda expecting something… not so far out there, you know? I mean, its artsy but it is also overwhelmingly fartsy. I’ve been listening to this song way before an actual video came out and I gotta say it was different from what I had in mind. Actually, the album Day and Age is light years different from Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town however, that’s just to show how versatile they are as artists. Also, I love it when they went techno pop-ish, I can’t get enough of their new songs!

The major suckage of the song Human as well as the video of Spaceman doesn’t change the fact that I’m in love with Brandon, that they are one of the greatest band out there today and that I would still be one of their avid listeners even if they try to pull a mean Discotheque on their fans in the near future. Yeah! Brandon Forevah!