Can I Haz Tattoos?

I’ve been thinking a lot more and more about getting another tattoo. Ghad. I must fight the urge. And I kept thinking of getting cute, multi-colored stars or maybe a simple zodiac symbol on the upper left side my waist kinda like what Rihanna have below.


or some sort of a celestial symbol like the one below


…except the stars are also just as pronounced as the moon like so:


Just small ones. Except I like big tats too. It’s like, I want the whole of my backside inked. Of course, I know how much that would hurt so mebbe not. Gah. I must stop surfing for tattoo designs, it makes me feel like running to my artist for a quickie tat session, hahahaha! Which reminds me, I was supposed to contact my mentor Tin because dear ol’ Enna want to get inked again. She’s like, got three two or three tats going on, I’m so freakin’ jealous!