Early Morning Chatter

So it’s 6:30 in the morning and I was just roused from sleep by an office mate. Meaning, I’m typing away blearily. Yeah, I’m actually multi-tasking, y’all! As it turns out, being in this shift would be longer than promised but the again,  it’s not like I actually believed that the bosses would keep their word. Hah. Fat chance. So here’s the thing, the bosses just announced that they want to cut back on expenses and that means firing four people and totally eradicating the morning shift schedule to save up on energy while there were still no clients. WTF, right? Seriously, these people does nothing to calm my nerves. And just now, the boss tells me that I should shut my pc down as soon as its six in the morning probably because he needs to save energy that bad. God, I wanna laugh out loud right now but I’m still sleepy.

So there, as of the moment I pretty much have no choice but to show up at night which I fucking hate. I’m confused though. If we’re having problems, why did they even think an ad would make it all better? It seems to me, this company won’t make it till my birthday. The weirdest thing is that I don’t even care whether I get the boot or not. Maybe it’s because I wanted a long vacation so much. I must admit I haven’t really shaken off the whole Holiday vacation vibe and I’ve been feeling so freakin’ unmotivated by work lately that anything sounds good to me. Like, a while ago, I tried to compose a decent porn site review and it sucked donkey balls. From my experience, it’s never a good time to write when I haven’t written anything worth reading for a long time. So basically, I wrote a worthless piece of shit. Actually, I tried writing something funny but ended up copy pasting my previous write-up and edited it to sound erm… newer. The rest of my time here I snoozed. Fuck you, corporate world.


Also, I broke a new personal record. This is by far the earliest blog write-up I did! Yeah!