Tone Deaf

Since I got transferred to the night shift, I haven’t got a single decent sleep and my body is taking the brunt  from being awake at odd hours. Like this afternoon, I woke up with a crippling cramp, felt nauseous and headache-y at the same time. Maybe it’s the universe’s way of saying I’m fucked and just about ready to shrivel up and die. I don’t like it one bit.

To make matters even more worrisome than it already is, persistent rumors about the growing instability of the company I’m currently working for seems to be not letting up. The fact that two employees got the proverbial ax this week alone as well as the delayed payouts are not helping to put the matter to rest. I think I have every reason to keep updating my resume and be ready just in case the ship sinks for good. Haaay.


On the lighter side of the fence, I went out for some videoke time with the office mates, the first one in three months. I went because Kapre asked me personally and it’s still, technically, his birthday. So there I was, belting out a screeching rendition of Total Eclipse of The Heart at the crack of dawn. The whole of Ortigas woke up to the sound of a drunken pint-sized girl with the raspy voice of an 85-year old woman suffering from emphysema. It wasn’t pretty.


So what did I feel, being back after so long? Honestly, I had a nice time but I don’t think it will become a habit of mine any time soon, so there.