Manic Monday

What I Said

Boss: Do you want to go home now and just come back later this evening?

Tina: Uhh… can I just transfer to the night shift tomorrow instead? I just got here.


What I Really Want to Say:

Tina: Would it kill you to notify me in advance of the sudden changes in my schedule? I didn’t think so. I woke up at the crack of dawn to take a cold shower, primped for an hour and waited for a ride under the sweltering third-world sun for twenty God-forsaken minutes just so I could make it in the office on time so answering your question, how about no?

I have been feeling ill at ease with the place I work for quite some time now. The fact that I have been working under some of the most inconsiderate bosses on this side of the third-world metro didn’t help things at all. One would think that this is just one of those senseless tirade from a frustrated employee who chooses to badmouth his/her superiors out of anger but the thing is, I have worked with some of the most unbearable bosses before but never were they ever as inconsiderate as the ones I currently work for.

To give an example, I just got back from vacation and as soon as I arrived, my female boss talked to me about my transfer from morning shift to night shift, notifying me at the last minute possible. She was kind enough to give me the option to go home right that minute and just come back later that night. Now, for a person who woke up at the crack of dawn to get ready for work and spent 20 minutes under the sweltering heat to get a ride to the office, you’d definitely be as irritated as I was with her suggestion though I was careful not to let it show on my face. Seriously, how long does it take to give an advanced notice first? They know how to contact me but why didn’t they? They had to break the news to me the minute I set foot in the office. Of course, I politely declined, saying that I will just wait it out for tomorrow night and resume work than go right that instant.

To top it all off, our payout had to be moved the next day because, surprise, surprise, our pathetic excuse of an admin officer didn’t finish up the necessary documents on time. It’s the little things like that that scrubs my nerves raw. At this point in my professional life, I’m just way too tired to put up with these kinds of shenanigans. I’m now actively looking for a new job and this time I’m gonna try out for multi-national companies. I think with the growing concerns of analysts with regards to the economic crisis the world has been experiencing lately, it would be wise to go for companies with good, solid standing. Of course, that’s not gonna guarantee that I’ll be saved from being laid-off but better take my chances than waste away in this hell hole.