Sexy XDrive and New Orlean-ish Experience

It’s 9 days away from Jesus’ birthday and I still haven’t finished shopping for gifts! I’ve been slacking around way too much it seems. So while my sister and I was restlessly hounding the Gift Gate shop, I saw a flyer about WD’s  candy-colored external hard drives. They come in a wide array of colors, which is awesome because I’m a sucker for anything bright and shiny.So to cut the story short, I bought one. In slut red. Only because the orange ones are apparently out of stock. Waaah!

In action…

Never mind the fact that I don’t really need it or that it wasn’t even included on my Christmas list, I still bought one. It’s safe to say that this is one of the weirdest purchase I did for this year. Like, Attack of the Nerds kind of weird. Well that’s that.

Also, we went over to the newly-constructed Megamall Atrium. I’m a little disappointed that most stores/restos located on that area were still not open however, there are a few notable restos that was already in full swing like Amici, Gumbo and Brother’s Burgers.


So we tried Gumbo because we haven’t had anything remotely New Orlean-ish in a while and though the food tasted great, the service was less than stellar. Don’t get me wrong, the staff were attentive enough but it took a lot longer before your food actually arrive which is kinda frustrating. We tried the seafood gumbo, the chicken gumbo, the jambalaya and finally, the mud pie (or mudslide, I can’t remember )and you can bet empires rose and fell before we got to the dessert.

The gumbos were awesome but I felt cheated because we were supposed to order the spicy version but the waitress told us something about it being “too spicy” and we might not be able to take it so we thought she was just being honest and decided on the less spicy version. When we tasted the gumbo, we were disappointed because we could’ve sworn it’s not mildly spicy at all. In fact, there’s like, a total absence of chilis in this version! That sucked. Grabe naman kasi sa pagka-exage si ate.The Jambalaya was so beautiful and yummy, the roasted garlic on EVOO was great and the dessert was good, not entirely forgettable but not much of a stand out either.

The place was bustling that a waiter broke some plates and there were numerous mistakes from the staff . Also, two elders, who were sitting right beside me, were infuriated when they learned that Gumbo does not honor Senior Citizen cards or discounts after they finished up their meal. It was a riot and I would’ve enjoyed being there had I not been half passed-out from hunger. If you guys are interested to check the place out, try to go when it’s not so… busy.