Things To Look Forward To (Among Other Things)

* Love letter from Tina: Matagal akong di nag-blog. You may want to sit down when you read this uboawesomeubo freakin’ long post*

I’ve been itching to buy a new mobile phone already. Seriously. It’s like, it’s the only thing I could think of, I’m afraid it’s bordering on obsession already. Funny thing is, I’m itching to buy a mobile phone when I hardly use one. How fucked up is that? Well despite numerous set-backs, I still have to wait it out until the end of this month to buy my beloved E71. Meeeeh. I get impatient sometimes but ish kul. Something to look forward to! (I actually broke my phone as I was typing this. Dammit!)

Another thing to look forward to is my sexy baby bro’s incoming field trip here on the metro! That means after the field trip, I’m gonna pick him up and he’ll have a mini-vacation with his spinster sisters! AwesoooOOOooome!


Anyways, Christmas is drawing near and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m always in my best mood during the Ber months and though I couldn’t say I’m at the highest point of my life right now, I’m still excitedly waiting for the days ahead. I’m actually considering on buying my gifts already. Some might think I’m a wee bit too early but personally I think I’m a little late on my schedule. Why, when I was in college I used to buy Christmas gifts on September, that’s how much of an eager beaver I am!

I’m already budgeting my moolah because I’m hell bent on giving my nieces and nephews awesome loot! Seriously, I’m gonna outdo myself this time! I’m exh-teeeeeeeeeed!

But all is not well. I’m not looking forward on going home during the holidays because it’s always a nightmare to go home! Every freakin’ year, me and my sister are greeted with this kind of eyesore:


Oh, the humanity!


It’s Undas, Bitch.

If you must know, these pics were taken on Undas 2008. I spent two mind-numbing hours wading through the waves upon waves of humanity and then standing in an impossibly long line till I lost feelings on my legs all thanks to Five Star Bus Line’s remarkably retarded crowd management skills. It gets worse every year, I swear. But itchokey kokey. At least I got home fine and spent Undas stuffing my face till I passed out.

Oh! Also, the son of my land lady bought a dog. It’s a cute Lab. Her name’s Ana Paula or Anapola, I’m not really sure if I spelled either name correctly but that’s how her name sounds like.Anyways, I’ve never seen a baby Lab before. Our own lab, Gabi, who died of stupid circumstances (I’m not being mean, he really did die of something really, really stupid. Broke my heart into millions of pieces but it didn’t change the fact that it was… stoopid) was already two years old when we got him so naturally I got excited when I saw this tiny pup! She’s so cute!!!! I fed her bibingka and mocha cookies yesterday and was charmed at the way she couldn’t chew her food yet!


I plan to buy her a rubber ball if it’s okay with the owner. I can almost imagine it now. Me and Anapols, laughing and running around on a hill, playing catch, eating Oishi Mocha biscuits and generally being stupid together!