Work, Being OLD and Bad Boys

I remember a lady friend of mine saying something about “Mondays having its own surprises” and that just about summed it all up. See, the Weird Dude and I got word that we will be doing a new task that involves more effort than making up shitty video reviews that even a retarded ant can do (which kinda puts Weird Dude in a sorrier light since he uh… is bad at it. Perhaps, he’s bad at everything). I’m happy about the changes. Not challenged at the tasks per se, but it was a welcome change still.

Sure, it takes more effort on my part and the posts are a bit tedious to do because it involves researching, something I haven’t done since I finished writing my thesis four years ago, but I love it mainly because the old task is getting to me. Frankly, after five months of watching mediocre videos and getting used to writing second-rate (nobody’s fault there) short video reviews, I’m just about fucking ready to do anything they ask me just so I can get the hell out of this literary black hole.

Also, it’s a good way to improve my writing skills. I know composing posts with nothing but trash-talking in it ain’t something I should get used to. I just wish they would give me something… daunting as I get bored easily. Except for the unnecessary quota, everything is great so far. I get to stop saying naughty stuff for a sec and write like I’m a pompous car salesman, it’s awesome!

However, I’m hardly challenged.

Although I bore a little hate over my ex-boss, Gringo, I loved the job I used to do for him. Yeah, I did make my friends’ lives harder because I kept bitching about how he sucked, how his sites sucked and how the whole world, in general, sucked back then but I guess I just missed the days where I’m always on my toes, y’know? Like, how I would obsess over my write-ups, I had to check my work every three fucking seconds because I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was bound to go wrong, going totally apeshit over idiotic rednecks from the forums, multi-tasking and actually being good at it. I miss that.

Sitting in this hell hole, wading though files after files of write-ups about casinos all over Vegas, putting up with people’s incompetence, bullshit and sheer stupidity… it’s just too taxing. Sometimes I feel like I wanna burn this whole building down to the ground, out of frustrations, I guess.

I got into thinking last night, okay it was mostly me, quizzing myself on what my long term plan was. Being totally sucky at talking about adult stuff, I chose to not answer… myself. Heeheeheee. Also, it just dawned on me that March is just around the corner. I’ll be 26 soon.

It’s official, I wasted my youth.

Dammit. I distinctively remember reading something on the Peanuts comics about how you should take care of your knees because when you grow old, your knees are the first to go. Wala lang, it just sort of sprang into my mind. Man, I never thought I’d grow old… or up, for that matter. Fucking scares the living daylight outta me.

On an entirely different subject, I’ve acquired a fondness for the series, Dexter. I just love this series and I couldn’t believe it took me a long time before I actually watched the damned DVD I had back home. It was gathering dust bunnies and cobwebs! Basically it’s about the story of a serial killer who preys on serial killers. Inner struggles of a mass murderer, blood splatters, dismembered bodies and all that shebang. I’m a wee bit squeamish with the whole blood thing but that’s alright. The actor is so my type. Kinda manly in a scary will-fuck-yer-shit-up kinda way.

Heh, maybe I really do have a thing for bad boys.