Paradise, Issues and All That Biz

The new office is much more awesomer that I first thought. It’s almost too perfect now! Thing was, they made a new policy and it’s just blew my mind away! The new policy states that as long as the tasks are over and done, you can go home. Just. Like. That!

So basically, it doesn’t matter if you are to stay for an hour or two just as long as you finish your tasks and then you are free to go! This is the first time that I worked in a company with radical policies such as this and it’s pure awesomeness!!! *crocodile tears*

So far I get to go to the office at 9 in the morning and go home at three in the afternoon, a schedule I’m lovin’. Although I can finish my work in an hour or so, I don’t think I’m gonna do the 1 hour touch and go thing because I don’t want to get used to that kind of schiz (because they might wisen up on us and junk the policy in the near future). So yeah, everything in the workplace rocks!

In other news, I discovered that That Boy got back from his Ex.

Tina… Shock!

It’s a shame, you know, because I was wishing Rhae was wrong about him. She said something about him just looking for something to fall back on after he and his girl parted ways. I knew at the back of my mind that it is possible for him to go back from the girlfriend. After all, he probably didn’t expect that he would end up alone in the process and I don’t really expect him to hang around waiting for me either. However, I refused to believe that he is that weak of a person but lo and behold, Rhae and my instinct were right on the moneh.

No hard feeling though, if anything I was relieved. God knows I will never forgive him if he and I continued dating only to find out he still has a thing for his Ex. See, not too long ago I was toying with the idea of talking to him in person to iron out things between us but somehow I didn’t feel the need to talk to him about it until recently. The good news is that all is well, at least on my end. He still had the whole “I wish I was given a chance to explain myself” posted on his stat message after I talked to him on IM. *eyes rolling* I feel bad for the girl though because she took that guy back. Tsktsk.

On special report (special because this is the only time I felt like writing about it), I dodged a chance to talk to certain person. You know who you are. I did it not out of anger (because at this point I got over it) but because I don’t want to deal with the drama. At least not now when I’m all zen and whatever.

It’s funny actually, because for some weird reason I’m still a bit clueless on the reason why he was pissed at me to begin with. I mean, I have an idea but I’m still not sure. A friend pointed out that maybe it’s because I “undermined” his generosity. Part of me thinks so too but another part of me is somewhat dismayed because I believe he knew better.

Instead of talking to me about the problem like any normal person would, he chose the wrongest moment to patronize. You know, I never knew he could be really, really condescending because I’ve seen him when he’s drunk or whatever and he never showed any indication of being that person but turns out he can when he’s pissed. I sincerely felt, at that moment, that he wanted me to grovel for a piece of information just because he’s angry at me. That’s what offended me the most. Sure, I get pissed. A lot. Hell, it’s my second nature. I get pissed about every Goddamned thing. But the thing is I don’t toy around with the subject of my scorn just because it makes me feel better and/or because I want that person to know that Hell yes, I’m pissed at you.

You should’ve at least tried to aside your issues towards me when we are discussing a serious matter that involves other people too. I mean come on, that site isn’t mine, it won’t kill me if it goes down but other people’s posts would, you know I had no clue on how to pay it and when I asked for directions on how you acted like a total asshole. You know it too.

I admit that I don’t say sorry as often as I should (mainly because I always think I’m right even when I’m not) but I was never a fan of apologizing just to preserve the peace, you know? I dimly recall that he and I talked a bit about this and I believe we were on the same page. One should acknowledge the errors of his ways, have a good talk about it and move on, that’s what I think. I just hope the gravity of whatever it is I did wrong could justify for the way you acted.

The good thing is that, this little incident was an eye-opener. It made me realize that I let others meddle with my affairs constantly that I depend on them way too much. Well, I ain’t having none of that. I’m glad to report that I am now… semi-independent (insert fireworks here)