College Buds

Last Saturday, I met up with my college buds. Some of them I haven’t seen for more than four years. Well, some were not able to make it save for Fly Boi, Ria and this gay dude. So yes, Fly Boi is back but it might be for the last time. He’s Dubai-bound and is planning to get married soon. I’m happy for him simply because I saw how much he changed for this person.

I realized something while I was hanging out with them. One, it’s true what they say about friendship, we picked up right where we left off even after all those years that we lost touch. Quite incredible, really. Second, I may have been too hard on Fly Boi. I respect him now and I’m glad I got to hang out with him before he leaves the Philippines. Third, I am sorry that I lost touch with them at all. Especially Ria. Krisna, Princess, Ria and I used to be so tight and seeing how we all drifted apart after we graduated made me a bit sad about how things turned out. But it’s cool now since we began hanging out again.

I think Ria got a bit frustrated with me because I couldn’t remember this person or that person, but it was fun trying to jog each other’s memory of long-forgotten college people.Too bad I forgot to take pictures, dammit. But it was nice, just drinking beer, reminiscing old antics and sharing new tidbits about everyone’s going-ons. I haven’t had one of those in a long time. Re-connection is awesome, yo!

The night ended with Fly Boi taking each one us home and promising that he’d make us proud in Dubai.