As much as I hate it when friends from Friendster seems to have the knack for posting their personal messages through the comment section instead of sending it as a discreet mail I sort of feel bad for this dude. Every time I get to read his drivel (which wasn’t often because I’m fucken busy, haller.) I get the feeling that he’s thisclose on offing himself. Seriously. I remember reading another one of his posts on the bulletin a few months ago, expressing his frustration over being fired. I’m not really bothered by this at all but does he have to post it on the damn bulletin? Can’t he just create a blog or something?

I remember him to be as someone who’s not much of a talker, someone who’s always alone and apparently he has not change a bit. Addressed to no one in particular, it seems he wanted to share some good news to EVERYFUCKINGONE on his Friendster list by posting what looked like an excerpt from his personal journal on the bulletin board. Well, I’m happy he’s happy I’m pretty sure he deserves allΒ  good things that comes his way I jut find this behavior strange, that’s all.

And just for the heck of it, here’s another one:

Meh. I feel bad for him just the same.