With Mouth Wide Open

I’ve been trying my damnedest to start dieting but the days that followed the weekend only made matters worse! Food! Food! Food!


Here’s me singing Hallelujah to the highest as I paid a visit to one of my favorite place to eat, Butter Diner at Cubao! The food will not only leave you in awe, but the serving is fucken huge! That’s why I never fail to drop by this place whenever I’m in the area!

Pot Roast, Mashed Potatos and Apple Shake: And I polished ’em all.

Bacon, eggs, mac salad and toasts for less than a hundred bucks (I think)

Here’s me and the rest of the gang at Coco-rama somewhere in Shang Mall. We’ve only been here a couple of times but lemme tell you, this place got one of the biggest monster burgers I’ve ever seen… but then again, I’m not really a burger person but that’s not the point. So fucken huge, man.

Playing it safe with Katsudon

Demo version of the Hugeass Burger by Rhae’s Boyf

And finally, yesterday I got me some creampuffs! I was craving for it and I coupled it with Yogurt Ice cream from Yogurt Buds (not sure if I got the name correct) and it hits the spot! I crammed these babies in my mouth in thirty seconds flat!

These are some of the things that makes you sigh and say “Sarap talagang mabuhay. Woot!”