Movies and Playing with Words

I keep toying with the idea of signing myself up for a boxing/martial arts training camp, is that normal? Got to see lots of movies, Kung-Fu Panda, The Incredible Hulk and this:

Yes, it’s in Spanish. Bite me.

Yesterday, Rhae and I went to the movies to watch Get Smart a film re-make of a 60’s Espionage spoof series with the same title, created by Mel Brooks. The movie was top-billed by Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway as Maxwell Smart and Agent 99, respectively. I’ve been waiting for two months to see this film and it was worth the wait. It’s funny, Carell was awesome, Hathaway was surprisingly good (I just don’t see her as a spy and all, sue me) and the special effects was awesome! I lurve it zooo phaken much!!! Go see! Go see! Go see! Now, back to my uninteresting life…

I want to buy lots and lots of books, make-up, shoes, underwear, pants and shirts! I just wanna… empty my saving and raise hell at Mega Mall! I want to go to St. Francis Square and hoard all the pirated DVDs! Wouldn’t that be fun? I wanna dye my hair red also. But of course I can’t. My freeloading days has officially come to a close but I still plan to live like a pauper. Cuz, it’s cool.

But you want to know something way cooler? I’ve been brushing up on my Scrabble skillz on Facebook. Here’s yours truly, Tina The Awesomeness, battling a fellow writer, Sasi. See that, bitches? Ass-whoopin’ time!

God, I’m such a nerd.