Virtual Rehab

Despite lingering doubts and conflicting emotions, I left Porno Land as scheduled. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not regretting anything at this point, what I’m saying was it has been fun. I was expecting my last day to be somewhat uneventful but for some weird reason (maybe saying Good-Bye ain’t really my strongest suit) it wasn’t.

The Big Man was parading around Porno Land with a white girl who turns out to be the new Queen of Sales, she’s actually pretty nice to me. Except the Big Man pointed out to white girl that I’m about to sever my connections with the smut factory. I was a bit taken aback by that incident though I didn’t think much about it after.

I celebrated my last day by handing out pizza slices for the Edule folks as well as from office friends, which made me a little sad but that’s what Good-Byes are all about anyway. After I handed out the grub, me and Tin went out for a little smoke. Turns out, Porno Land people prepared a little program to welcome white girl into the hood and I was curious enough to observe the festivities.

Big Mistake.

The host (which is a friend of mine) and I locked orbs and next thing I knew, he was announcing to the Porno Folks that “Somebody is bound to leave us soon, give it up for Tina!” Naturally, out of dismay, I cowered in the corner. I guess I wanted a more subtle exit but apparently, it was too much to ask, haha!

After the whole shebang, I went out to meet the Band of Bitches and they wolfed down what was left of the pizza while I dreamed of the simple country life.

You see, I was raring to take a little break and head out North before I work my fingers to the bone once again. I imposed a no internet unless it’s a matter of life and death and monies policy and I’ve never been more excited.