Lapse of Judgement

Initially, when I hatched the plan to stop posting retarded contents on my old blog and start afresh with a new one, I resolved that this blog site would be everything my old one wasn’t. For one thing, I was dismayed to find myself writing for an audience (which admittedly, was my fault.), I was surprised when I found out folks from Porno Land began reading my blog on a daily basis and I came to a point where I was abstaining to write anything when I’m depressed because I don’t want to reveal too much of myself (which I do most of the time when I’m depressed) for public consumption. That in turn, defeats the purpose of my blog in the first place.

My old blog has become what in layman’s term would be called a “damned circus” and I hated it.

In an effort to control the people who can read my blog, I went on and bought a new domain, kept it as a secret even with my friends. It was a hard decision because I loved my old site like an old friend and I wouldn’t say I’m funny but I do love to laugh often and I still got lots of retarded banters in can but I felt that I should put a stop on all of these mainly because I’m tired of it all.

But I came to find out that keeping this site a secret proved to be a hell lot more difficult that I anticipated. Who knew.

For starters, In my excitement, I blurted out the domain name of this blog to three of my friends. Though I don’t mind if they found out about my new site, I still wanted to keep this one as personal as possible because 1) I planned to inject a lot of honesty on this blog and I want to keep it pure 2) obviously, this will serve as the place where prospective clients can check out my other work and most includes sensitive issues like boobs and the likes. Something others might not be comfortable reading about and 3) I’m tired of being somebody else’s monkey and 4) I hate having to explain myself

Trouble started with what I first thought to be a minor mistake, track backs. Somebody from the office noticed a new track back on his blog site’s comment section that leads to this site instead of my old site. How that happened, I have no clue as I’m mostly oblivious of such things. Of course, I was both dismayed and mortified when he told me about it. The funny part was that this site was barely a week old when he discovered its existence. Thank God he was cool enough not to let the cat out of the bag to which I’m very much grateful.

But the trouble doesn’t end there.

As most of my friends know, my old site was in the running for a certain contest. I was flattered, of course as I never expected my site to be nominated at all. But the thing was, the old comments I posted created another batch of track backs and the guy who instigated the whole contest not only found out about this site, he also asked me on the comment section about it and posted my new site’s name for everyone to read! Imagine my dismay and mortification when I saw my supposedly “secret playground” spelled out in plain sight. Meh.

So why am I writing all of these shit in the first place? I’m writing all of this shit because now that I am aware that I’ve been found out and it’s out of my hands, lemme just say that regrettably, this isn’t and will never be The Mundane Side of The Road. Sure, I’d still post funny stuff because I do love posting retarded shit in the first place and I do it every chance I get but the similarity ends there. Sorry.

So yeah, bite me.